It’s just a frog disease…why should I care?

It’s more than a frog disease.  The chytrid fungus is attacking amphibians worldwide and severely decreasing their numbers.  A recent study showed the fungus has an even bigger effect on specific species of frogs, and this could lead to a loss of biodiversity.  Biodiversity is a fancy word that basically means a wide variety of species exist.  Just as we humans don’t all look alike or act alike or do the same things, so do frogs differ by species.  They eat different things and they live in different environments.  They have an effect on their environment, too—as we all do.  Plus, don’t forget that frogs are also food for some other species.  As frogs continue dying off from this fungus, which comes from the environment, the shrinking numbers of these amphibians will have a larger impact than you may realize.

Read the full story from MSNBC.

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