One Health Headlines: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This week’s One Health roundup comes a bit early due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we still have plenty of great stories for you. In honor of the holiday, we’ll lead off with a look at how one group in Rhode Island is looking to reduce landfill waste this Thanksgiving by feeding turkey carcasses (pasteurized) and other leftovers to a local farmer’s pigs.

Happy reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving leftovers to go to Rhode Island pigs

Pelicans face new threat on Oregon coast: junk food
Daily Astorian (Wash.)

Iowa reports three novel swine-origin H3N2 cases
CIDRAP (Minn.)

New Mad Cow Disease Form Shows up in Two Swiss Cows
International Business Times

Scottsdale veterinarian cares for dogs aiding soldiers in Kosovo
The Republic (Ariz.)

Tiny service dog heals Hampshire Marine
Daily Herald (Ill.)

Treatment may help dog — and humans
San Antonio Express-News

Stem Cell Treatments for Zoo Animals Hold Promise for Humans
ABC News

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