One Health Headlines: Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday! In honor of World AIDS Day, which was observed this Thursday, we’re leading off this week’s One Health roundup with a story highlighting how tests on laboratory mice have led to promising developments in the search for an HIV vaccine.

We also have stories on the effects of combat stress on military dogs, Bali’s fight against rabies, how animals predict earthquakes, and Australia’s new (and groundbreaking) biosecurity lab.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy and healthy weekend!

In mice, a step towards a vaccine for HIV
Agence France Presse

Cleft lip corrected genetically in mouse model
Medical Xpress

More Military Dogs Show Signs of Combat Stress
New York Times

Bali grapples with rabies threat
Radio Australia

Poultry cull follows Kathmandu bird flu outbreak
Agence France Presse

Q&A: National Zoo veterinarian Suzan Murray is working to halt pandemic disease in hotspots around the world
Smithsonian Science

How animals predict earthquakes
BBC News (U.K.)

Who should pay to make ground beef safe from E. coli?
USA Today

Australia opens world’s leading biosecurity lab
COSMOS Magazine (Australia)

Amherst facility uses equine therapy to help drug addicts

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