One Health Headlines: Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone! Lots of good information in this week’s One Health roundup, including our lead story, which looks at research on how snake venom can help fight cancer by starving tumors.

Other stories address an experimental vaccine against Ebola fever, New Zealand’s online efforts to fight zoonotic diseases in Southeast Asia, and a creative solution to reducing methane emissions from cows

Thanks for reading, and have a happy and healthy weekend!

Scientists find potential cancer drug in snake venom
Times Live (New Zealand)

Vaccine Against Ebola Fever Protects Mice From Deadly Virus
Bloomberg Businessweek

UF veterinarians hope new gene chip will help detect, treat West Nile virus in horses and humans
University of Florida News

New Zealand university project to fight diseases in South Asia on-line
Xinhua (China)

Disease and climate change
Chino News and Review (Calif.)

Veterinary pathologists try to explain honeybee maladies as vital insects disappearing
The Republic (Ind.)

Pet therapy program helps seniors with serious illnesses
Naperville Sun (Ill.)

Gone with the wind: study finds cows fed wine dregs emit less methane
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

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