One Health Headlines: Friday, May 11, 2012

When you think about animal venom, you probably think about the risk it poses to your health. But we lead off this week’s One Health roundup with a look at the healing powers of venom, which have led to drugs used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other diseases and conditions.

Other stories include a look at the spreading rabies outbreak in New Mexico, how equine therapy is helping veterans cope with their war injuries, the latest in animal research, and more.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy and healthy weekend!

Drugs with bite: The healing powers of venoms
New Scientist

Immune Cell Therapy Cures Diabetic Mice, Researchers Find
Bloomberg News

The secret of long life may be in a naked mole rat
San Antonio News-Express

Rabies outbreak spreads in New Mexico
Southwest Farm Press

Anamosa vet sparks rabies prevention program in Kenya
Eastern Iowa Life

Therapy Dog ‘Spirit’, Once Abused, Eases Pain for Sick, Dying
ABC News

Equine therapy helps veterans cope with injuries of war
Orlando Sentinel

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