One Health Headlines: Friday, May 25, 2012

Rabies featured prominently in the news this week after a woman in England was reported to have contracted rabies while traveling in Southeast Asia, apparently from a dog bite. She’s currently being treated in the U.K. Meanwhile, seven children in Peru have died in the last two months after exposure to rabies through bat bites.

In addition, we’ve included stories about efforts to eliminate raccoon rabies in the United States, and a look at research on how rabies evolves in hibernating vs. non-hibernating bats.

Other stories in this week’s One Health roundup include a look at the increase of human cases of Eastern equine encephalitis in Massachusetts, a study showing higher levels of mercury in dolphins downwind from power plants, the latest in animal research and its potential impact on human health, and much more.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy and healthy holiday weekend!

Rabies case confirmed in Britain after dog bite in Asia
The Telegraph (U.K.)

Seven Peruvian children die of rabies after bat bites
BBC News (U.K.)

Researches closer to eliminating raccoon rabies
Charleston Gazette (W.V.)

Rabies Snoozes While Bats Hibernate

Study: Number of EEE cases in Massachusetts has grown
Taunton Gazette (Mass.)

Moveable Magnets Used to Forge Gastric Bypass in Pigs
U.S. News and World Report

Research With Dogs Points to Early Test for Arthritis
Yahoo! News

Mercury in Dolphins Higher Downwind of Power Plants

Cell Transplant Tested as Treatment for Nerve Pain in Mice
MSN Health and Fitness

Mouse Study Sheds Light on How Diet May Affect Epilepsy
U.S. News and World Report

Therapy dogs lend an ear to kids
Greenville News (S.C.)

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