Videos from the Zoobiquity initiative

Here at Aardvarks2Zebras, we explore the intersection of human and animal health. Recently, AVMA member Dr. Julio Lopez sent us a link to these videos in which he was interviewed about topics as varied as “Do animals get STDS?” and “Do animals get the flu?” They’re really interesting and a great example of the One Health concept. You can check out all of the videos (there are five so far) by clicking the link above.

The videos are part of the Zoobiquity initiative, which “is a new approach to medicine that brings together human doctors and animal doctors to treat the diseases shared by patients of many species.” Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and science journalist Kathryn Bowers wrote a book together on the topic, Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us about the Health and Science of Healing. It just goes to show that us humans have a lot more in common with animals than we might think.

Here’s the “Do animals get the flu?” video:

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