One Health Headlines: Friday, August 3, 2012

In this week’s One Health roundup: Scientists worry about the effects of caffeine pollution on marine life in the Pacific Northwest, new findings on possible natural rabies resistance, how pets can help autistic children socialize, and much more.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy and healthy weekend!

Caffeine pollution in the ocean has scientists worried about effects on Pacific Northwest marine life
National Geographic News

S. Asia Regional Alliance to Fight Zoonoses hopes to tackle diseases that spread from animals to people|
News Track India

Not all rabies infections lead to death; some may have resistance
Los Angeles Times

Bat virus offers insight into deadly Nipah, Hendra

NIH Official Calls For Extension Of Moratorium On Bird Flu Experiments
National Public Radio

Encephalitis cases found in Dallas County horses
San Francisco Chronicle

Pets Can Help Autistic Children Learn to Share and Comfort Others

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