New report discusses cases of H3N2v in Ohio

A new report details cases of H3N2 variant swine flu (H3N2v) in Ohio. Out of 16 H3N2v cases in the United States that involved hospitalization, 11 of those occurred in Ohio and all but one were linked to attendance at fairs where pigs were present. Out of those 11 cases, 10 involved children. Not all of the patients even touched pigs — they were just present in an area where pigs were nearby. And in the sole case that didn’t involve attendance at a fair, the patient’s lack of contact with a pig suggests that she was infected by another human. The report also details the only known fatality from H3N2, of a 61-year-old woman.

The report also says that healthy people should avoid pigs at fairs, which goes against earlier advice that said practicing good hygiene was a sufficient way to avoid infection.

You can view the AVMA’s resource on H3N2v flu on our website.

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