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We’re veterinarians, and we take care of the entire animal kingdom…from aardvarks to zebras, and every Tom, Rick and Mary in between! It’s easy to get bogged down into thinking that physicians only take care of people and veterinarians only take care of animals, but that’s far from the truth.

Veterinarians play critical roles in animal and human health, but these roles are often overlooked or unrecognized.

We are the American Veterinary Medical Association, the national association representing more than 81,500 veterinarians in the U.S. But that’s not what’s important here. What matters is that we’re passionate about the role that veterinarians play in One Health, which is the intersection of animal, human and ecosystem health…and that’s why we created this site.

Welcome to Aardvarks2Zebras. We hope you’ll stay a while.


  1. My name is Wellington (first). I am a Veterinarian student in Brazil, I am brazilian.
    I lived in US or almost 11 years, I love you people and I believe that We can help each other for the human and animal cause.
    I did not know aardvarks animal until now, but the reason you used this animal I think is because i is the number one alphabetic order, right?!
    And ZEBRA is the last one?!
    Well any way, I am glad that you made this site, is beautiful and We will be in touch.
    Nice meet you guys

    Wellington Botelho

  2. fritz says:

    I have a random question I hope you can help me with, who was the first disabled student to go on and become a veterinarian? (First in the world, and first in africa?)

    • Dr. Kimberly May says:

      I’m sorry, fritz, but I have no idea. Since the school at Lyon was the first veterinary school, perhaps the first in the world would have been there but I don’t know. The AVMA doesn’t have any of that information.

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