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Wild animals – to own, or not to own

While responsibility and commitment are inherent to owning any animal, exotic pets (certain species of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates) and wild animals (raccoon, deer, bear, and all other species that, whether or not raised in captivity, are normally found in a wild) may have special requirements or pose risks that owners might not be aware of or truly appreciate until it’s too late.  Many regulations pertaining to possession of wildlife and exotic pets exist to protect these animals, as well as people, ecosystems, and other animals.  All who own or are considering owning such animals should educate themselves about the husbandry, welfare, and safety requirements of the animals, as well as the risks the animals may pose to humans, other animals, and ecosystems. Measures should then be taken to reduce those risks.  People who won’t do this shouldn’t own these animals.

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Organized crime isn’t fiction

When we hear “organized crime,” we’re trained by the movies and TV to think of The Godfather or The Sopranos. (Personally, my favorite organized crime movie is The Freshman, which has additional relevance to this post – watch it and see.) Most of the images conjured by the concept of organized crime are pretty violent and disturbing.

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