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One Health Headlines: Friday, January 27, 2012

This week’s One Health roundup has updates on H1N1 avian influenza research, new information on how prion diseases spread between species, a look at the health benefits of pets, and much more.

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New study in mice provides hope for HIV vaccine

Scientists have been trying for years to create a vaccine against HIV, and a group of researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) may have hit upon a huge discovery. Their study, reported Nov. 30 in the journal Nature, shows that mice were resistant to HIV after they were injected with the DNA for an HIV-neutralizing antibody. Mice aren’t capable of being infected with HIV, so they were genetically altered to carry human immune system cells.

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Disease detectives

Thanks to modern DNA technology, researchers are collecting samples that will shed some light on how deadly diseases such as HIV and Ebola jumped from animals to humans.  By collecting samples from all kinds of environments – ranging from areas where there are no people to areas where humans and animals are in close contact – the researchers hope to not only shed some light on how and why diseases jumped from species to species, but also detect emerging or potential diseases that might jump species, all in an effort to prevent new diseases.

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