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One Health Headlines: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This week’s One Health roundup comes a bit early due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we still have plenty of great stories for you. In honor of the holiday, we’ll lead off with a look at how one group in Rhode Island is looking to reduce landfill waste this Thanksgiving by feeding turkey carcasses (pasteurized) and other leftovers to a local farmer’s pigs.

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Small world

Our world may not have gotten physically smaller over the years, but our ability to travel rapidly across the globe has certainly made it FEEL smaller. As Dr. Sharon Deem of the St. Louis Zoo says, “We live in a changing world where I can leave here today and be in the middle of the last remaining forest of China in two days. We are up against each other more and more…”  Unfortunately, this also makes it easier to spread disease and pathogens.

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Zoo Animal & Wildlife Veterinarians


A small number of veterinarians work in zoos or assist researchers with field projects, educate and train international colleagues and collect medical data on captive and free-living animal populations.

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